Between You & Me – Dakota (New Music)

Melbourne pop punk band Between You & Me have released a new track and the announcement of their upcoming album Everything Is Temporary. The album will release on 13th July via Hopeless Records, and “Dakota” is a first look at what’s to come from Jake, Jai, Chris, Jamey, and James on the new album.

Directed by Tim Nagle, “Dakota” takes the members of Between You & Me back to being 17 again. They’re talking with a friend they’ve watched being mistreated who never stands up for herself against ‘the cheating, lies and the abuse’. Jake’s character in the video is enlisted by his fellow band members into a scout troupe, and they join forces to take care of the manipulative boyfriend.

With punk jumps, arrows, ropes, and basketballs as props, the “Dakota” video is high action entertainment and fun to watch, regardless of the frustration toward their friend who deserves so much better.

“Hey Dakota you can piss right off!”

“Dakota” is catchy as well as sweet, with concern for their friend underneath the frustration about her lack of action. With the song’s last line reiterating “If you ever need, I’ll always be here”, “Dakota” is likely going to melt the Between You & Me fans with its care and high energy, as well as get them hyped for the album on the way.

Pre-orders for Everything Is Temporary available here:


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