Polaris – Lucid (Track Of The Day, 31st October)

We were going to wait until the release of The Mortal Coil to talk about Polaris‘ track “Lucid”, but then they went ahead and released it along with a music video. It’s far too good to wait. And though this beauty of a track from the Sydney band is brand new, it’s our Track Of The Day today.

“Lucid” is the first track of Polaris’ debut album releasing 3rd November (via Resist Records), and it’s a jaw-dropping opener. ‘Aggressive and full of this dark adrenaline’ is how Jamie described “Lucid”, and we agree. Distorted sound at the introduction barely prepares you for the fire that’s coming. Once it hits, your ears barely know what to pay attention to first, captivated by intricate guitar work, relentless drumming and Jamie Hails’ intensity. And it’s not separate competing pieces, but impressiveness coming from one fluid machine that we’re being asked to keep up with.

“If it consumes me, let the script upon my tomb read:
I found my love and let it kill me”

When the sonic fire (momentarily) settles, clean vocals call out passionately and vulnerably, expressing how much has been sacrificed in the process. The band opened up about “Lucid” and how it related to the process of making music. Daniel shared that it reflects a breaking point; a draining and disillusionment about the creative process, saying that it is  “somewhat inevitable when you’re working consistently on something for a long period of time and putting pressure on yourself to make things that you like“. He went on to say “A few of us were getting kind of lost in the whole thing and beginning to lose a lot of faith in ourselves, and this song is about trying to process and understand that negative mindset.”

There’s so much to love about this track, with impressive breakdowns, and endless energy. It’s beyond amazing and rendered me speechless at first listen, and its video perfectly compliments the track. See what you think about “Lucid”, via the music video below or stream via Spotify.



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