Northlane: Mesmer Australian Tour, Brisbane

On October 28th, fans of Sydney’s Northlane collected in The Brightside Carpark. Northlane have been joined on their Australian tour by Alabama progressive metalcore band ERRA, and Illinois metalcore band Sworn In. At each stop on the tour, local bands have also joined the line-up, with Deadlights coming on board in Brisbane.

The last minute venue change from Max Watt’s to The Brightside Carpark didn’t dampen any spirits, with a full crowd filling the space. Rowan Donohue was there and captured the night from Sworn In’s set onward.

Sworn In

Sworn In are touring Australia for the first time on Northlane’s tour, and as we found out when we spoke with vocalist Tyler Dennen have thoroughly enjoyed their time with Northlane showing them the best of Australia, as well as feeling rejuvenated by the fans here showing them genuine appreciation for their art.

Sworn In pulled off an impressive set, both immersing into their music as well as engaging with the crowd at Brightside.

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ERRA were described as mindblowing. The Alabama based band offered up a strong set and had a commanding presence on the stage.

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Northlane have such a magnetic presence and it’s all for you; bringing the best that they have to their fans. The guys of Northlane seem like perfectionists, continually honing their craft and never being content with going through the motions. Their considered setlist means that new fans as well as fans from the beginning are covered.

The Sydney five piece played:

Dream Awake
Quantum Flux

With Paragon as encore.

Bask in the multi-coloured immersion of Northlane’s set.

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All photos by Rowan Donohue.


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