Pleasure Coma – Naked (Review)

Only a few weeks after we first heard from them, Pleasure Coma are back baby! Now we’re treated to three times the fun with their tri-tracked debut EP Naked. The Sydney scoundrels have a few stories to tell, giving us some more insight into how these boys tick.

Leading with their previously-released single, “Waiting”, gives the uninitiated a taste of not only the band’s vibe, but they’re outlook on the world. “Waiting” is a song about the frustrations behind making music, calling out the eye-rolling obstacles that push artists back. “Look at us now, we could be something” is a line of raw anger from being pushed to the side continuously, even when others believe in you. That’s seen from Pleasure Coma’s cult following at live shows without a sign of any official release. These guys have to be doing something right and I’m just happy the world can finally see it.

The EP’s namesake, “Naked”, is second up on the track listing. The track sounds like it should be the national anthem: “I’m always hungry and I’m always tired”. Those are words that I can live by. All joking aside however, the song paints a very morose picture of the lifestyle for up-and-coming musicians. Pursuing your passion won’t always pay the bills, you’ll probably be hungry and tired. You will probably feel naked underneath your clothes. I really enjoy how Pleasure Coma are able to communicate the feeling of helplessness so well. They then juxtapose that against a boppy song that comes and goes without really disturbing the waters. It’s animalistic, primal, and gross but I keep coming back for more.

The third and final track on Naked is one with quite a deep backstory. Despite sounding like what I call ‘South Park punk’, “Jonny” is a song about friendships and motivation. The track has been described as a “Sweaty song about a sweaty guy”, a roommate of vocalist Tasker in fact. Jonny was a couch surfer that stayed well past the given timeframe, but in that time found a way to inspire and push Tasker to not give up. I like to think that without Jonny, we may not have the Naked EP. We love you, Jonny.

Pleasure Coma tackled a really big feat, the debut release, and did it with style. I let the music sit with me for a few days (as I try to with most releases), but it just wouldn’t leave me alone. It kept nagging at me to hit play and listen again. The sound being emulated in Naked is melancholic whilst being thrashy. It is a really interesting style to master. I was all for the sweet riffs, vocal melodies and themes that went along with them.

I loved what had to be said on the EP and would only encourage the Pleasure Coma boys to be even bolder with their messages in future releases. Subtlety is an art but if you have a platform, use it for all it’s worth. All in all, I was super impressed with such a killer debut and can’t wait to see what Pleasure Coma hit us with next.

Pleasure Coma - Naked
  • EP Rating
The Good

Simple but engaging instrumentation. Differing tones between songs. Thought provoking messages. Killer sound.

The Bad

A little too subtle at times, definitely room to be more in your face. An identity in progress, very much a good place to begin.

Jack Walsh

A fan of music and an even bigger fan of his opinions, Jack Walsh is a resident content creator of Depth Magazine. He is currently studying a Creative Writing degree and hopes to someday be writing for Rolling Stone. [Enjoyed the read? Shout Jack a beer.]

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