Cast Down – Left Unrequited (New Music)

I’m not sure it’s legal to be as good as Cast Down are. From fresh new single “Left Unrequited”‘s nonchalant and clean beginnings, the entire experience reeks of effortlessness even as it heads into darker and heavier territory. This is a band that do it their own way.

Backtracking a touch, Cast Down yesterday announced that their debut EP is on the way! A Deconstruction of Self will release via EVP Recordings on 22nd March. The EP will include previously released singles “Leatherman” and “Thread My Lips”, as well as newly released “Left Unrequited”, and three unreleased songs.

“Left Unrequited” shares an industrial blend of sonic textures that we’re familiar with from the Melbourne band; smoothly manufactured beats and basslines, coupled with crushing heaviness. It’s easy to sink into the track with an infectious chorus propelling us deeper into the song. We’re easy prey for Cast Down to throw a mixed bag of samples and savagery at us, whether via whispers or roars.

It’s another win for the band, and the EP seems almost guaranteed to be a good one. Pre-orders including vinyl are available here:


Kel Burch

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