Young Lions – Before The Storm (Track Of The Day, 12th July)

Young Lions are one of my absolute favourite bands! This track isn’t new, but it’s one I listen to nearly every day, and that’s not an exaggeration. “Before the Storm” is from their album Burn.

A couple of years ago, someone told me to listen to the song because it reminded them of me. Obviously this had me intrigued and I jumped onto it straight away.

As soon as the track started, my heart was pumping through my chest.

“I try my best to be the one that never needs a lover, always fine alone, trying my hardest to show the world that I’m not breaking down.”

I felt such a connection with the song and the lyrics give insight into how we try to keep our battles to ourselves, and the feeling of not wanting to ‘burden’ people with our issues.

Zach’s vocals are amazing! He is my favourite singer (in Dream on Dreamer also) and the music just adds to the songs intensity.

I feel just as much love for it as the first time I heard it; my heart beats so fast!

This is my go-to song whenever I’m feeling low.

Every song released by this band is amazing as all f*ck! 🙂

If you love “Before The Storm” you can pre-order Young Lions’ upcoming Mr. Spaceman album HERE.

Kahlia Sharpe

Kahlia is an avid gig-goer who lives and breathes music, aiming to help people by sharing and spreading the love through tunes.

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