Northlane – Talking Heads (New Music)

Adding even more hype around their upcoming fifth studio album AlienNorthlane have released third single, “Talking Heads”.  We’ve already heard “Vultures” and “Bloodline” from Alien, which will land on 2nd August via UNFD. Fans who’ve been at Northlane’s recent live shows may already know “Talking Heads”, as Northlane have apparently already shared the track in the flesh – and now you can play it on repeat!

“Talking Heads” is a beast of a song from its eerie and controlled beginning, soon sweeping the listener into a dark world of our protagonist’s mind. The track leaps between throaty and measured sharing and guitar grandeur, and oozes darkness and uncertainty with both styles. With whispered voices or static roars, there’s a weak and shaky grip upon stability before a harsh truth from the protagonist/vocalist Marcus Bridge sandblasts the listener:

“I don’t fit into my skin”

Fear and walls created instrumentally and vocally reveal a person looking around and seeing a world they don’t want to be part of yet can’t break free of it. Drowned out by noise, with sharpened djent teeth gnashing, even screams aren’t enough to be rescued from within this mess.

The arrival of clear and strong vocals is a stunning and refreshing shift in this hectic circumstance; calling out and reaching high above the noise. This is a stand out moment of the track for me personally! The dark atmosphere never leaves however, with further impact created by strings.

Momentarily airy at the bridge, Northlane’s wildness becomes unnervingly still, before techno-tangled roars lead a fight against the static. Machine-like, “Talking Heads”‘ ending doesn’t feel like a happy one. It seems there’s no winning against the forces of insecurity.

Watch “Talking Heads” via YouTube below or via your favourite streaming service. If you dig it, buy it. Alien pre-orders are open now via:


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