Boston Manor – Liquid (New Music)

It feels like it’s been only a flash since Boston Manor released their Welcome to the Neighbourhood album, but new single “Liquid” has landed! The Blackpool based quintet have joined forces with Trophy Eyes‘ vocalist John Floreani on the newbie; which is probably what Boston Manor’s vocalist Henry Cox was hinting at with “Soon” captioned onto a photo of himself and John.

Though there’s no word as yet whether “Liquid” is a standalone single or part of an upcoming release, it feels like it could easily have fallen from Welcome to the Neighbourhood‘s tracklisting (along with the acoustic version of “Halo” that has released with it). The gritty track carries Boston Manor’s penchant for BIG choruses in amongst more pensive verses. This is a nod of appreciation more than any kind of criticism, because this is how we get to land our ears upon majestic songs like “England’s Dreaming”! “Liquid”‘s inclusion of John’s vocals in the second verse works well to express the questioning vibe that has been carried from the beginning.

Dusky beats and fat riffs barrel listeners straight into the thick of the track, where the spotlight soon shines upon the vocals and instrumental tension. At the choruses, guitars aim skyward and seem to keep going beyond the clouds.

“I’ll sink to the floorboards and onto your lips, cause I am liquid”

“Liquid” forced itself into my head with the “I am liquid” line on a loop, like it was trying to tell me something. The song’s infectiousness meant that I ended up taking more time with it, and from what I initially saw as simply a ‘decent catchy song’ with a kinda strange music video, “Liquid” soon became more intriguing by way of meaning.

Coupled with its retro video static styled music video, “Liquid” paints a picture of two people orbiting each other while the track lyrically asks questions of identity. Masked and filtered, it’s an expressionless dance of a virtually faceless couple, overlaid with colour and noise. Both are bending, adjusting, melting. Both flash with colours seemingly at random. Who are they?

Everything changes at the bridge in a moment of fluid ethereal openness. This is amplified by the video with the removal of the masks and a change of connection between the two people. Instead of a liquid identity, they are firmly connected and visible to one another; joined by a crystal in hand. The layered vocals as the song comes to an end form a satisfying conclusion to the entire experience. The couple’s departure in a futuristic way is icing on the cake.

Watch via YouTube below, making sure you stay to the end!


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