MISHAP – Hey, Allie! (Track Of The Day, 24th July)

Our Track Of The Day comes from MISHAP, also known as those pop punk guys from Wellington, New Zealand.

Isaac Lundy, Datu Beech, and Seán Beales know a special someone named Allie, and last month they very kindly donated 100% of profits on the sale of “Hey, Allie!” to The Cancer Society of New Zealand, in support of her fight with cancer. “Hey Allie” existed on 2016 EP Toaster but was remade/re-released as a single (as “Hey, Allie!”) on 4th June.

“I really shouldn’t but I think about you all the time
Hey, Allie!
I wanted to be closer but I got too scared to try
Hey, Allie!”

While I haven’t met the guys of MISHAP, they seem like they would be a lot of fun to hang out with based on their playful vibes that are clearly there in their music videos and vlogs. “Hey, Allie!”, while about an angsty relationship situation, still feels playful and warm and inclusive.

Check out this track of punkified angst and its quirky music video (as well as going behind the scenes with the guys). We can also recommend giving MISHAP’s EP Not Feeling This a good listen too. Our review of Not Feeling This is HERE.



Kel Burch

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