MISHAP – Not Feeling This EP (Review)

MISHAP are three guys to notice! Isaac Lundy, Datu Beech, and Seán Beales, from Wellington (New Zealand), started playing together in April 2016. Since that time, they have been playing shows around the North Island, as well as working hard on recording and releasing music.

Impressively MISHAP have already released a second EP, Not Feeling This, which was released on 7th April and we’re vibing with its 90s/2000s pop punk sound and want to share it with you.


“Better Things” is the first track on Not Feeling This. It kicks off fast-paced, transporting us to a hotboxed car on the top of a hill feeling like we want more in life, but still having a good time of it. This is a punkified teenager’s note to a concerned Mum, asking her to see beyond the kid doing things that don’t seem too great. It’s a raw and real track.

“Mum I hope that you can see
That the world just gets the best of me, just trust
In my ability to get up and move
On to better things”

“Come Over” is the second on the EP, immediately feeling more contemplative than thrashable. The lyrics take us into a head swirlingness to match the looped feeling of the introduction’s melody. There’s an inner battle relating to a girl, and being liked, noticed, and important to her.

“And seeing stars reminds me
Of laying on her lawn
And how there’s millions of other dudes
And one might prove her wrong”

The instrumental feels like sitting in a state of self-pity/overthinking before rocking out again with the chorus. It’s heavy-hearted, raw, and the angst is palpable.

The third track on Not Feeling This is “Won’t Be Waiting”. It’s more in-your-face and harder hitting than the other tracks on the EP and feels like a decision being made about a tense relationship that’s come to an end. And the awkwardness of having to see each other.

“Put yourself to sleep at night
And try to pull my hair again, goodbye
I know you’re still alive
But if you call, I won’t be waiting”

Differing song sections, moving through different rhythms, and having a more spoken vocal sound keep the listener curious to what’s happening next and where we’re going.

“Not Feeling This” is the last track of the EP. Lyrically it feels like everything all at once is coming to a head and feeling overwhelming and difficult. It describes a state where trying to keep going and keep it together is just not working.

“Wake up early, this is not my style
I’ll be alright
Stay late working, we’re running out of time
I’m not alright”

“Not Feeling This” feels like an anthem for difficulty, and like all of the other tracks, it is catchy and comfortable, feeling as though you’ve heard it before, in a good way.

We loved the raw and real punk feel of each of the four tracks on Not Feeling This and the way it feels like shared snapshots of the lives of these guys from New Zealand. MISHAP are onto something great here, and have a lot to give as they continue to share their punkified realness in live shows.

If you love their sound and Not Feeling This, support and follow MISHAP on:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mishapofficial/
Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/mishapofficial/
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/58y8AbEDISpMSPb7Sa8R0A
Bandcamp – https://mishapofficial.bandcamp.com/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ACjX1WGW-Ey-bdRipT_PA/featured

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