Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary (New Music)

Keeping a foothold on the scene by playing shows alongside bands like Ocean Grove, Thornhill, and The Gloom In The Corner, the release of new single “Cold Sanctuary” kicks off a new phase for Mirrors. The song is the first single and title track of the Gippsland/Melbourne band’s sophomore EP, which will be released on 10th May. It’s the first new piece of music we’ve heard from the band since “Circus” released in late 2017.

As a taste of the EP on the way, “Cold Sanctuary” proves to be a fluid slice of metalcore which seems to take listeners up close and personal with a state of anxiousness. Vocalist Patty Goodman uses metaphor to describe the unseen things that plague him; unnoticed by everyone else, yet inescapable even while he sleeps.

“I project what ruins me inside my head”

The music video directed by Ed Reiss takes us visually into the lyrical experience. We see Mirrors lost in layers, with Patty controlled by a dark entity that attacks him while he sleeps. There’s a dreamy softness of fabric and feathers that’s in stark contrast to the darkness that grips him, suspending him in the air.

Sonically, the internal conflict is amplified by the breakdown and heavy instrumentation, and there’s not much left but to surrender to the (literal) grips of this thing; accepting that the haunting/torture is “what I deserve”.

It’s a definitely interesting and curiosity-inducing invitation for Cold Sanctuary! Watch “Cold Sanctuary” below via YouTube:


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