Mecha Mecha – Your Choice (Track Of The Day, 16th July)

Following up from the quirky and fascinating “Dealbreaker”, neo-classical alt rock band Mecha Mecha have released “Your Choice” as the second single from their upcoming Blink & You’ll Miss It EP.

Mecha Mecha are Walter Webb on vocals, bass and guitar, Isaac Vincent on bass, violin, mandolin and vocals, and Angelo Webb on drums and vocals.

“You Choice” is a raw ear-blessing and a musical ride. I love the uniqueness that Mecha Mecha bring to their music and am thrilled to hear that “Dealbreaker” was no musical fluke of brilliance.

Walter shares that “Your Choice” is about the process of letting go of people who you don’t need in your life. He says “Sometimes in life we’re due a significant change, and letting go of the right people can be the catalyst for that.”

Walter also shared that the track came about after obsessive listening to Rage Against The Machine and some Jeff Buckley, saying that the track is a combination of those influences.

Love the grittiness of the track as well as the entire instrumental section before the last chorus. This is definitely our Track Of The Day today. Another awesome track from these guys and I’m keen to dive into their EP.

Check out “Your Choice” with it’s new music video!


Kel Burch

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