Citizen – Jet (New Music)

Citizen have announced a new album, with As You Please coming on 6th October. The first single from the album is “Jet”.

Eric, Jake, Mat, Nick and Ryland have made something kickass with “Jet”. Heavy soul-shaking beats play-off against melodic and exploring sounds.

The feeling of “Jet” is one of being hyper aware, seeking and seeing things that aren’t necessarily there, dropping into the comfort of un-reality instead of looking at oneself.

“Into delusion we will go to stare at a glimpse of hope”

“Jet” is a big track, feeling like a self-frustration without a clear means of escape.

If you dig “Jet”, get excited for the album. As You Please track listing is:

01. Jet
02. In the Middle Of It All
03. As You Please
04. Medicine
05. Ugly Luck
06. World
07. Fever Days
08. Control
09. Discrete Routine
10. I Forgive No One
11. You Are a Star
12. Flowerchild

Pre-order As You Please HERE.

As of 2nd August, Citizen have released a music video for “Jet”. It’s eerie and multi-dimensional. An intriguing layer of appreciation for the uncomfortable hauntedness that the track carries.


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