Mat Kerekes – Diamonds (New Music)

Well Mat Kerekes just made our day with the release of the two track single Diamonds. The prolifically creative Citizen frontman has today revealed that he has an album called Ruby on the way, with no date announced as yet.  “Diamonds” seems to be the second single from the album (after releasing the title track last year) and with this fresh piece of music we are well and truly keen for Ruby.

“Diamonds” is something else. Despite channelling the theatrical familiarity reminiscent of Queen, the track feels fresh and alive and it’s incredibly enjoyable to spend time with. I fell for the song within seconds, appreciating its gentle piano introduction coupled with Mat’s warm acceptance and lyrical acknowledgement of struggle.

“No one is ever born a hero
They are broken into one”

It’s the lift into falsetto vocals and strings that swells into the chorus that really grabs onto my heart though; feeling like a forward run into something better. Guitar and piano fantastically interlink at the chorus and the horn-laden moments feel celebratory. In its sweet nostalgia, “Diamonds” shines a light on the expansive moments of joy and speaks like an open letter to gain more of this.

What I love most about “Diamonds” is how constantly varying it is throughout, and how yells into the background in relative sparseness are just as home here as an impassioned guitar solo and overlapping vocals (“Don’t you notice”). This is something really special. “Diamonds” also has been released with a music video that at a glance seems like random imagery. It could also be seen as a view of humans and the way we live and interact.  We’re weird as fuck, really; creating and destroying, connecting and detaching, struggling and celebrating.

Check it out:

[Photo of Mat Kerekes courtesy of Liam Davidson @ Unify Gathering 2019]
Kel Burch

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  1. Kel, Thanks for sharing! Wow! It’s like Modest Mouse went on vacation with Queen and got drunk together only to sober up and form a side project!
    Or like ordering an appetizer sampler plate and getting so satisfied you skip dinner…very delicious.

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