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So we honestly hadn’t heard Gold Coast (Australia) progressive alternative band Mass Sky Raid‘s music before. Having listened to their brand new single “Sacrifice” was a “Yes, I need to speak to these guys!” kind of moment. At Depth Magazine we go very much by feel (and “yes”es)!

We were lucky to connect with Mass Sky Raid’s singer, Adam Lomas, and had a few questions for him about “Sacrifice” as well as the band and their sound.

“Sacrifice” has such a huge sound, but to be honest it feels huge like a conversation with the universe, as opposed to just bigness of sound, even though that is there too. So my first question is a big one: Tell me about this feeling of spirituality with Mass Sky Raid’s music?

That’s a big question and to be honest I think everyone in the band has a different view on spirituality which I think is one of the beauties of it.

We come together from different pasts and ideals to create a sound that gives each member their own journey and meaning. In the end we are just trying to make music that moves us with the hope that others can also connect with the energy that it gives.

I’m curious as to where your name comes from?

Mass Sky Raid? I was trying to think of something that was unique while also representing the huge sound we were trying to create. I think the name represents that well. I actually couldn’t picture it being anything else now.

“Sacrifice” feels like “Have we done enough yet?” and “How far do we go before it’s enough?”. Can you share more about that with us?

In some way we will always feel like we are searching for something more. I think it’s healthy to keep that feeling alive as writers and I believe there is never an end point. Every place you get to you are always trying to see what’s next. You are always on a journey and always trying to break new ground personally and as a band.

I could picture you guys out in the open with your sound, this impression of filling a large space. Does that match up with how you feel or see yourselves as a band?

I think our sounds definitely suits that feel. It definitely has an openness to it. A feeling of expansion. I would love to place it somewhere like that.

I love the different parts of “Sacrifice”, it’s brilliantly powerful. There’s a feeling of frustration as well as empowerment. Does it feel like the process of creating music?

Musically and also from a lyrical perspective I think there is definitely a feeling of frustration a sense of knowing that you’re losing something while still battling to keep it alive. Some parts are also very reflective and I think empowerment on that sense comes from more understanding about situations that you’re facing. I suppose it is a bit like creating music. There are constant frustrations when writing and there is also the breakthroughs which are definitely empowering.

Mass Sky Raid released Courage Under Fire in 2013 and since then it has been (extremely powerful) singles with “Oceans” in 2014 and “Enemy” in 2015. Can you talk us through the Mass Sky Raid approach to making music?

We write from many different angles of approach which I think is healthy for longevity. Whether it’s a melody concept, guitar, bass or drum idea. We definitely all contribute in our own way. I think we know now when we are onto something. It’s just a matter of expanding the idea or concept.

I get the impression there are perfectionists involved here, and a putting of *everything* into each song. How do you know when a song is done?

Haha this is true. We are for better or for worse perfectionists when it comes to writing. So many hours have been spent sitting in our bat cave writing and scrapping ideas. But its important process to go through and you learn so much about yourself and each other through it. I think a song is only done when it’s the last take until then it’s always evolving.

We were fortunate also to work with an amazing producer Matt Bartlem who has helped us in this process bring our ideas to life.

Our last question is, will there be an album coming up with “Sacrifice”? What can you tell us about other tracks?

There is definitely an album coming up which we are super excited about. Sacrifice is just the first single off our first full length album. Another single will be out soon before the whole album is dropped later this year. We can’t wait to show people what we have been working on. It’s a very diverse album and I think there something for everyone. We have taken our sound and explored many different feelings and moods.

Thank you Mass Sky Raid for taking the time to talk with us!

Thanks so much Kel, we really appreciate your interest. We are just getting ready for a massive year for the band. We can’t wait to get out there and play these new songs live and connect with people. We all love doing what we do and I am personally really excited about what’s next.

Check out “Sacrifice” via Spotify or its beautiful lyric video and tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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