Make Them Suffer – Erase Me (New Music)

Perth’s Make Them Suffer are the newest members of the Greyscale Records family! The quintet also come bearing the news that their fourth full-length release is on its way. How To Survive A Funeral was created in LA with Drew Fulk, and is set for release on 5th June via Greyscale Records.

“Erase Me” is the first taste of the ten new tracks. The single released last week along with a music video directed by Colin Jeffs. Beginning with a light and lovely piano melody, the listener is quickly pulled into a state of messiness once vocalist Sean Harmanis leaps in. In the fray, high and piercing tones noticeably run through the background, like glass threatening to shatter any moment; perfectly suited for what the song is about.

Lyrically, we hear frantic urgings, telling another to escape them without hesitation. Seeming like a relationship gone bad, the instruction from one half of it is to let the connection die, “let it break”, let it shatter like glass, and move on. Instead, the waiting they’re doing is compassionately observed in the clarity of the chorus, as sung by Booka Nile.

But you’re waiting patiently for something worth saving.

Fiercely and with signature MTS guitar tones and groove, the song wrestles in a state of frustration, waiting for whatever is next for the two people to hurry up and happen already. More messages for the other to cut ties continue to be blasted out by the five piece, urging for it all to be done, and to maybe reconnect when things don’t feel so bad.  The heart-wrenching scream of “Erase me!” lands emotionally hard in its finality – every time.

Unexpectedly intimate is the swaying moment of “Erase Me”‘s bridge, which takes us from frustration to vulnerability instead. The calm instruction for the other to leave feels far more driven by self-blame about things going bad at this point. I’m loving how natural the emotional progression has felt through this song, as well as how well all elements of the band have worked in sharing the sentiment. And ending with a collective of voices all sharing this (addictive) melody is just incredible.

Even if you’ve already heard it, go listen or watch it again.


[Make Them Suffer photo courtesy of Sandra Steh]

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