Lotus Eater – Narco (New Music)

Scotland’s Lotus Eater have come out of the greenish fog with the release of “Narco”. The newest cut from the quartet of Jamie McLees, Douglas Park, Craig McCulloch, and Cameron Humphrey adds a splash of colour.

A standalone single for now, the appearance of doll faces and coloured staircase (and placement of “WATCH OUT”) has me feel that the aesthetic will continue into something more. A simple “Yes” in response to a YouTube comment of “Album?” seals the deal.

Regardless of what happens next, “Narco”‘s arrival is an exciting one. High pitched and eerie at its introduction, crushing riffs and voices bleed through the static, with heaviness of sound raining down in sheets.

I’m struck by the moment of clarity that shows up early in “Narco”, in both sound and lyrical story.  It’s a moment of being shown what’s behind the curtain; how the behind the scenes machinations happen, and that it’s a key piece of information. I’m left wondering if Lotus Eater are referring to the music industry, or whether it’s something wider.

“Our thoughts devoured
Absolute Power”

The repetition of “If you know the game” marks its importance, hitting home the need to pay attention and use the ‘game’ to your advantage.  The chorus which centres around this message is as eerie as it is motivating in its energy. The Glasswegian “Get it up ye” threatens to seep into global vocabularies when delivered with such fiery gusto.

Huge and pummeling, “Narco” leaps and takes grinding turns courtesy of guitars and vocal blasts. Brash and in your face, the track is another reminder of Lotus Eater’s brilliance.  The vibe of ‘Do you get it yet?’ is palpable. While thinking how underrated the band are, a hefty breakdown sweeps through; feeling like an escape as well as a realisation. With “time cut loose” are we floatingly free? Not yet.

With gang vocal reinforcement, “Narco” could be seen as a meta rally cry for the individual creatives to continue to create in their own way and keep at it.  After earlier toe-dippings, a final shift at the end of the track into a dusky and distant static-enveloped moment is a pleasant surprise.

Bracing ourselves for whatever Lotus Eater have up their sleeves, we’ll be over here playing “Narco” on repeat. Watch via YouTube below, or via your favourite streaming place.

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