Grenade Jumper – Heat Wave (New Music)

Sydney’s Grenade Jumper are adding to their blossoming alt-rock discography with the release of “Heat Wave”.  Immediately pulled into bop territory, “Heat Wave” submerges the listener into a multilayered riff landscape, where layers of guitar and bass grooves toss and tumble the listener about.

With a stunning pre-chorus that sparkles with hope, “Heat Wave” then proves defiant and determined at its chorus. Vocalist Bianca Davino virtually leaps out of the song and into earholes with her ‘I’m getting this shit done’ vibes.

It’s soon the bass guitar’s time to shine, as Lukas Sikes-Georgiannis paints groove all over Bianca’s musings and rememberings that come across with compassion and self-belief. Taking in “Heat Wave” as a whole, it’s a clean track that virtually promises to be remembered with its easy structure and singalong chorus.

Leading into a pensive bridge, the softened and intertwined tones seem otherworldly for awhile, before Grenade Jumper collectively build to a fiery ending. While I’ll admit that I was waiting for something vocally grittier and rawer from Bianca, the delicate highs worked just as well and gave it all a sense of refinement.

Hearing from the band about “Heat Wave”‘s inspiration may explain why the more upward approach was chosen. Bianca says that “‘Heat Wave’ is ultimately about hope and acceptance.” and that “Lyrically the song is about empowering yourself to understand the beauty in all aspects of life, and we really aimed to channel that drive and brightness in the instrumental.” Talking about the band’s ethos in general, Bianca shared that “positive energy is what we strive to exude as a band.”

Watch “Heat Wave” now via YouTube below, or at your favourite streaming places.


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