PREMIERE: Madura Green – Popsicle

Though we might be headed into colder months, there’s no time like the present for a tasty summer treat courtesy of Adelaide’s own Madura Green. The band were kind enough to share their brand-new single “Popsicle” with us, and we’re delighted to premiere the song for your listening pleasure.

The first taste of new music since the single “Doghouse” in November, “Popsicle” is a stark contrast from the sombre side to the band we last saw. It’s a twinkly and upbeat track, with sprinkles of math rock and pinches of emo overtones that really make it a unique prospect. It feels refreshing, and with instrumentals that feel uplifting above all else, “Popsicle” is like a ray of sunshine poking through dark clouds.

Inspired by the purchase of a new guitar, vocalist Jordan Tito recounts the songs origins: “’You’re buying the popsicle!’ the shop seller cried after I spotted the bright yellow Fender Strat hidden behind a strand of guitars. It was our first interstate show, my bank account only just had enough funds to buy it and I had all 3 of the boys chanting “do it!” in my ear.”

And while the hearty roots of “Popsicle” might melt your heart like a Paddle Pop on a hot day, its lyrics are gloomy in comparison, more likely to freeze your broken heart than anything else. “Popsicle”, according to Tito, is a song for “anyone who’s ever felt less than themselves. It’s about navigating your way through life in a time of loss, insecurity and learning how to grieve.”

“Pray for sleep. Your ghost is haunting me.”

It’s the way the sombre lyrics are delivered, cloaked in such a hopeful optimism that makes “Popsicle” a remarkably dynamic song. It has a chorus that is so delightfully infectious, yet I’d argue that if tears aren’t dripping down your face when listening to it, you might not have a soul. Complementing to the song’s diversity, the vocal contrast between Tito’s angelic singing and drummer Mason Page’s harsher voice is at its incredible best, adding another lovely layer to the song.

Along with the single, the band have delivered an accompanying music video that we’re also thrilled to premiere. A parody of a cooking show that ultimately ends in murder, one can only imagine that “Popsicle” is the likely ending to every episode of Gordan Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in an alternate reality. Strap yourselves in, because this music video is about to take you out for a wine, dine, and a whole heap of sunshine.

If you’re unfamiliar with Madura Green, be prepared to be wowed. If you are familiar with Madura Green, throw out any expectation you have because “Popsicle” probably exceeds it all. It’s a radiant and colourful single that will lift your spirits and punch your gut in one swift strike, yet like a frozen treat on a hot summer’s day it’ll surely leave you in good stead.

Set for release on all platforms on May 10, you can check out “Popsicle” ahead of time below!


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