Honest Crooks – No Rest (New Music)

Honest Crooks have released a show of force with “No Rest”; an unrelenting single and video, which comes with the backing of EVP Recordings. Echoing thuds and distant riffs set the scene for “No Rest”, which creeps up menacingly before turning sideways with an unexpected sample.

Monstrous and stomping, the track seems to lay out the band’s capabilities and uses metaphors to show their authority in action. The open spaces and tight leash held on pace and rhythms only serves to amplify this. Skin-crawlingly uneasy, “No Rest” climbs with guitar intensity and driven drum blasts.

A moment of clearer vocals stands out obviously in its contrast to the heaving gigantor nature of the song before it. Reiterating the fact of standing alone that’s shared in the lyrics, the all-surrounding scene hits powerfully home.

“No Rest” is driven home by the slammingly and aggressively defined persistence to prevail.

Watch “No Rest” via YouTube below, or listen HERE.

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