Little Brother – Cleveland, OH (Track Of The Day, 4th June)

“Cleveland, OH” is the most recent release from John Floreani’s solo project Little Brother (released 4th March, 2016). “Cleveland, OH” tells a story as the song goes on, and it’s a story told so well that you can lose yourself in it. It’s our Track Of The Day today.

A vivid scene flows from the lyrics: Out of the blue, two people meet, connect, and deep intimacy is sparked, in more ways than one. Guitar, gentle vocals and beats have this feel like adoration. The narrator describes a quest to be a better person for this woman, who shares she’s been hurt before. He’s smitten and taking this long-distance relationship seriously.

“Yeah I’m an asshole, but I’d never treat you wrong.
No more flying. No more whiskey or cocaine
I can change if you promise to love me”

But things change (‘when that boy got hit’) and what he notices going on sparks doubt within him. He questions about the character of person that his lover seems to prefer, laying awake at night. He had made a choice to change himself, to do the right thing, while all the while she seems to be liking the ‘bad boys’ (‘I would’ve killed that motherfucker with my bare hands But i changed for you cause you promised’).

The realisation is a kick in the guts; this desire to not disappoint his lover, and yet the quest resulting in him not being what she wanted. You can feel both the defeat and the frustration as the song comes to a close (‘If the bad boys are what you want, I can show you bad‘). There’s detailed descriptions of things about the narrator/John that were exactly what he was trying not to be, yet firmly exist in his character and history.

It’s easy to fall into this feeling of hurt and position of confusion by way of acceptance. It’s beautifully done.

Check out “Cleveland, OH”.

Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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