Alex Moses – Keep In Touch (New Music)

Best known as vocalist for Columbus, Alex Moses has embarked on a solo project alongside his duties within the band. When Yellowcard vocalist William Ryan Key was on tour of Australia, he had Alex (and his guitar) along as support. After the tour wrapped up, Alex went straight into the studio, working with producer Joel Quartermain to record his songs. He also had Luke Boerdom, Lorenzo Sillitto, and Joel assist with writing. The first taste of this, “Keep In Touch”, released today!

Enjoyable from its first listen, “Keep In Touch” gently and sweetly takes us into a situation of saying goodbye to a lover. Soft words accompanied by tender guitar capture a moment when a fresh new connection between two has been impacted by having to leave interstate. The description of “scared to leave and scared to stay, I don’t want you to slip away” really communicates the uncertainty and newness of where things were at at the time, as well as wanting to explore them further.

“And I thought we should just be friends
It’s the dumbest thing that I’ve ever said”

Velvety soft, the verses blanket the listener with the state of limbo where this new not-yet-official lover has left a void, and the wondering of what’s ahead. It’s sweet and genuine, with sparks of crazy ideas of just flying to be with her again, given she’s all that he thinks of. The return of the choruses that captures the trip to the airport and the separation platitudes captures the back-and-forth situation of a long distance relationship.

It’s a pleasure to soak up this quiet track that’s as much introspective as it is an open letter to the person in question. Have a listen:


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