Lakeshore – History (New Music)

“History” is a new track from Lakeshore; a brand new project from ex-EMMURE founding members, brothers Ben Lionetti and Joe Lionetti.

Lakeshore have their debut EP 41 on the way and “History” is their first single and video. Hailing from New Fairfield, CT, Lakeshore are: Shawn Adams (vocals), Ben Lionetti (guitar), Mitch LoBuglio (guitar), Joe Lionetti (drums), and Chris Segovia (bass).

“History” is heavy brilliance, with its smooth sound and impactful choruses and impressive guitar work. It’s a ‘We tried, but we’re done now’ message in a song.

We’ve extended our hand,
We won’t do it again”

Check our Lakeshore’s “History” with the video below. If you love it, support this new band via their website

Kel Burch

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