Down & Dirty – Heaven Sent (New Music)

Down & Dirty have been quiet for some time due to band member movements. Current band members of Down & Dirty are: Ezekiel Pierson, Kir Medvedev, Tony Lerma, Matt Ryan and Jon- Mikel Valudes.

2017 looks set to be a big one for the band, reviving their efforts and kicking off with the release of the video and song “Heaven Sent”. The track as well as video is heavy and dark, speaking about betrayal and hurt, blanketed by shadows.

I can’t believe
This is happening
There’s no going back
I gave you everything”

The sound of “Heaven Sent” is incredible, a thrashing confrontation at parts with exceptional screams and growls. At other times it is a wave of change and inspiration. The breakdowns and guitar work reek of sweet revenge via metalcore brilliance. Definitely worth watching Down & Dirty and seeing where they take their music.

Check out “Heaven Sent” and its video here:

Kel Burch

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