Glass House Point – On & On (Track Of The Day, 4th March)

Today’s Track Of The Day is a beautifully moving piece of wonderment from Glass House Point: “On & On”. Glass House Point are Dylan Graham (Vocals/Guitar), Dylan Methot (Mandolin/Guitar), Ian Campbell (Bass), and Jansen Valk (Drums), from Tampa. “On & On” is the sixth track on Glass House Point’s debut EP Love Lives In Dark Places, released January 2016.

“On & On” was clicked mindlessly and at random on Spotify, to be honest, and before I knew it the tears were flowing, and I was adrift in the bliss of this song. Glass House Point make beautiful music.

“On & On” starts with a warm and seeking acoustic guitar sound, and the vocals that joined them were similarly warm and seeking, with an emotional weight barely kept contained behind the scenes. Listening to this feels like you’re being allowed in to witness an intimate conversation.

I want to speak realities
Breathing from these lungs
Through time and all
Its atrocities, you still stay young.”

As the song flows on, it builds with addition of other instruments as well as escalating vocally. The sweet sighs of a violin along with the ever-present warm acoustic guitar and its more rock sounding friend are a perfect combination.

“On & On” is one of those songs where you’re not quite sure how it fits in the three minutes and twenty-eight seconds that the screen swears it does. It feels like an emotional journey we’re taken on, with multiple layers and a lot unsaid.

This is an amazing track, and it is Track Of The Day due to the insane amount of plays it received. We at Depth Magazine are so grateful that indie music like Glass House Point exists, and that we get the pleasure of sharing it.

Band photo credit: Amanda Laferriere

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