La Dispute: Australian Tour 2019 @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

La Dispute wowed with the release of their album Panorama in March, and have followed it up with a huge tour of Australia. Touching regional venues as well as major cities along their route, the band seemed intent on connecting with as many of their fans as possible.  Our photographer Liam Davidson (also known as Depth’s #1 La Dispute fan) was there at the 170 Russell show in Melbourne to capture the night in photos.

Sydney indie punk rockers Sports Bra have the privilege of joining La Dispute on the tour and opened the night. Though they’ve played a long string of shows since the January release of their Talk It Out album (including their own Winter tour), fans were fortunate to get the chance to hear tracks from the newie as well as their self-titled release. Liam snapped these photos of Naif, Allie, Zoe, and Kate in action.

La Dispute

And then it was the main event! La Dispute shared their music and energy with  for the next 1 hour and twenty minutes.  Songs from Panorama understandably received a lot of attention during the set, but favourites from Rooms of the House and Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair were featured too. Would it be a La Dispute show without Wildlife‘s “King Park”?

Though I wasn’t present, Liam’s photos capture a stage intensity and energy expressed by frontman Jordan Dreyer through the night.  Describing the show as “basically perfect” and “pretty incredible”, Liam placed his experience of seeing La Dispute on the tour as his top 3 shows of his whole life.  Enjoy his photo galleries below. I love how spellbound the crowd look and how connected this show feels!




[All photos courtesy of Liam Davidson]
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