Gideon – Bite Down (New Music)

Alabamian heavies Gideon are effortlessly generating hype for their upcoming album with the release of two strong singles so far. Releasing on 11th October, Out of Control is Gideon’s fifth full length release, and includes “TAKE ME” and newest single “BITE DOWN” amongst its 12 tracks.

The album’s release comes along with a shift of perspective for the band, and a determination to harbour the qualities of open-mindedness and acceptance. Since their formation in 2008, Gideon have been considered a Christian metalcore band, exploring this in various ways through their music, such as Calloused (2014). With Out of Control, the quartet of Daniel McWhorter (vocals), Tyler Riley (guitar), Jake Smelley (drums), and Caleb DeRusha (bass) consider themselves as breaking free of previous restraints, with the implication that this freedom is intended to be shown sonically too.

As an appetite whetter for the album to come, “BITE DOWN” has been impressively revealed to the world. Hefty and all-surrounding, this monstrous track rolls in with larger than life riffs and an atmosphere of endurance. It is no-nonsense of sound and message, literally refusing to give in through hard times, and every facet of Gideon oozes resilience in delivering it.

“The thing about life is, it don’t owe you shit”

What’s most appealing to me of “BITE DOWN” is its quirks of soundbites and effects, such as light sprinkling pulses coupled with low bass growls. The track has a quality of flow that’s coupled with strength, taking it from relentless hardcore territory and giving it a smooth sense of superiority.

It’s deliciously satisfying, this groove that’s wrapped around the brutal survival of the fittest. It’s a calm defiance after having dug deeper to find strength they didn’t know they had, and then rising above their enemies.  Every word uttered by McWhorter is palpable as the steady and smooth bass purrs roll this unstoppable machine onward.

The atmosphere of triumph against adversity is only further enhanced by the music video that brings the Out of Control album artwork to life. The more delicate accents match the flitting and glowing butterfly, and the unchanging path of the muscle car fits with the pervading heaviness. Watch below via YouTube and pre-order Out of Control here.


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