My Inspiration: Caitlin Henry of Eat Your Heart Out

Caitlin Henry is the vocalist and frontwoman of Eat Your Heart Out. The Sydney based pop punks seem to have hit their stride in conjunction with the release of Mind Games EP via Fearless Records. They’ve just come off a tour of Australia with (label mates) Movements and Ambleside, and will very soon embark on their first US run alongside Real Friends, Boston Manor, and Grayscale. We asked Caitlin what inspired her to pursue music.

Surrounded by music from childhood, Caitlin was very familiar with classic bands like Fleetwood Mac and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Around twelve years old is when she began to find her own musical tastes, appreciating the more alternative end of pop music; namely The Veronicas, Avril Lavigne, and Fall Out Boy. With a virtual air of fascination, Caitlin adds “It was when I saw Paramore’s live DVD that I was truly hooked on alternative.”

Seeing Paramore’s vocalist Hayley Williams going for it via the Final Riot DVD, Caitlin says she realised that “girls could rock out”, and she decided then and there that she wanted to become a rock musician. “Before I saw the DVD, I’d only really heard rock music with men at the front, so I think I was just really blown away that girls could really rock out like that.”

While this realisation was sparked courtesy of Paramore, Caitlin doesn’t feel that the music she creates with Eat Your Heart Out is directly influenced by the Nashville band. Though she feels that her technique as a vocalist is in part due to Hayley Williams’ singing. “It definitely inspired me when we first started to try and be a better vocalist and push my voice outside the realm of straight up pop.”


Seeing Eat Your Heart Out in person is an experience of real connection and enthusiasm for the music. The band keep energy high throughout their set and Caitlin’s stage presence is one of free movement and bounciness. She gives a nod to Paramore when it comes to live shows too, saying “I think a band like Paramore show that you can put on an incredible show without the use of big gimmicks or heavy use of backing tracks, which is something we really push for in a live setting.”

When asked about a Paramore release that most inspired her, Caitlin refers to the 2009 release brand new eyes, saying “it’s just an incredible album all around, lyrics and musicianship are on point the whole way through.”


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[Image of Caitlin Henry @ Movements Australia Tour, Evelyn Hotel, by Liam Davidson]
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