In Confidence – Maturity (Track Of The Day, 11th March)

Today’s Track Of The Day comes from Nashville rockers In Confidence who we had such an awesome chat with recently!

“Maturity” from In Confidence’s debut EP Of Wolves And Lambs captures their signature approach of honesty, as they sing about passion for music and doing it the right way.

Be the one thing your world needs
And don’t jump ship
Sellouts always sink”

“Maturity” is inspiring with descriptions of positive choices and how far they’ve come. It’s also heavy in realism by way of experiences that have occurred along the way, such as lost loved ones, lost time, and loss of faith, as well as fighting for recognition of the importance of what they’re making.

Musically “Maturity” is a powerful track with a feeling of reminiscing in verses and a strong sense of determination at the choruses. The shift toward the end of the song as things turn darker is a stand-out.

How could I ever believe in God?
A better question is, how could he ever believe in me?”

Check out “Maturity” by In Confidence below, which contains behind the scenes footage of the guys as they created Of Wolves And Lambs.

In Confidence are also aiming to get onto the Vans Warped tour and you can access their page HERE. Any video you view or share from that link gains the band points towards being recognised.


Kel Burch

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