Stepson – Run (New Music)

Brisbane’s Stepson have announced details of their debut album as well as released a new single from it. Help Me Help You will release later this year via SharpTone Records.

“Run” lands bluntly from the start, with each syllable hitting home. In the meantime, wandering guitar tones pull focus while the blunt lines continue to be cried out. “Run” is something of an erratic experience by way of rhythm, leaving the listener feeling tossed about.

It admittedly took several listens of “Run” before understanding where Stepson were coming from. At times there was a distinct lack of emotion where I felt there should have been something, such as via the sung vocals. There was also some confusion as to why features appeared where they did (such as the guitar solo). After repeat listens, I decided that these choices may have had a lot to do with what the song centres around thematically.

Lyrically in “Run”, the protagonist wonders about the way they’re being perceived, while sharing that they are emotionally closed due to fear. This wondering escalates to concern as the track goes on, and it seems that their fear and insecurity about being open has the potential to threaten their future with someone they care about.

Heaviness progressively grows in “Run” as it seems like the hole they feel they’re digging for themselves gets deeper. There’s an unspoken question like ‘What’s going to happen for us?’.  With this understanding, the guitar solo came across as reflecting contemplation and wondering about the future.

While I enjoyed “Run”, I did feel that some of the polish could be removed and it would still sound good, as well as more genuine in terms of emotion. When the song centres around emotional turmoil, I want to feel it in every element!

As a band that has a lot of appreciation for their fans, it’s great that the new single continues threads from earlier singles (such as “Never Mind Me” and “Come With Me”), and, in the band’s words the lengths we go to to protect the ones we love“. Watch the Sin City-esque music video for “Run” below via YouTube or stream/buy here.


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