Home Wrecked – Anxious Minds Think Alike (Track Of The Day, 11th October)

Progressive pop punk outfit Home Wrecked have our Track Of The Day today. The Sheffield, UK based band formed in mid 2016 and consists of Joe Daniels (vocals), Alastair Murphy (guitar), Richard Copley (guitar), Dan Peddis (bass), and Ben Hinchliffe (drums). The quintet released their When All Goes Wrong EP in December via Penultimate Records. Fifth on the EP is “Anxious Minds Think Alike”.

As you could have already guessed from the title, “Anxious Minds Think Alike” uses pop punk intensity to capture the experience of being in a state of anxiousness. The fast pace and hecticness going into the chorus brilliantly vibes with the state of everything being all too much; too bright, too noisy, and just too overwhelming to a sensitive existence. And it’s not just that, it’s that they are annoyed at themselves for the experience they’re having in their own skin without their control. They’re hating themselves in the process of this mess they exist inside.

“Now it’s all a mess
There’s so much anxiety
In my bloodstream”

The video too captures this discomfort and sense of being ill-at-ease inside themselves with bloodied fists, shaking hands, and intense frustration.

The feeling as the song progresses is ‘What am I doing and how am I going to cope with this?!’. Thankfully Home Wrecked are coming in with support and reassurance. Their sound is honest but also upbeat, with a sense of having been through this too and wanting people to hang in there, that how they’re feeling won’t be the case forever (‘But that will change, and it won’t be long’).

The gentler instrumental section feels even more encouraging; for the person to feel their way through what they’re going through and trust in themselves to get where they hope to be. Home Wrecked know that you will get through this and they’ve got your back!

Check out “Anxious Minds Think Alike” with its music video.

Stream When All Goes Wrong in full via Spotify:


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