Filip Burman – Wildfire EP (Review)

Swedish based singer/songwriter Filip Burman is bringing his music to the world via his debut EP on 13th October. Wildfire shares five tracks from the indie rock artist. We’ve already got to know the emotionally potent “Stay Away”, and from there we were keen to check out Filip’s EP in its entirety.

“Happiness” is the first track of Wildfire, and its sound is light; dreaming of something more. Compassionate observations are made, wondering “Is there someone who would stay present, despite the challenges?”. Filip is passionately trying to affirm that he/we are not alone even if we feel like it.

“When it all falls apart
It is hard to find a heart

Who would gladly be a part

Of your own growing dark”

The track soars beyond expectations and the impressive and emotional vocals we got to ‘meet’ on “Stay Away” show themselves again. A feeling of needing to be happy to keep someone’s attention or love or focus is beautifully captured here.

As the track progresses, “Happiness” shifts into frustration, where ongoing unmet needs and a continued sinking down into difficulty make for a compounding of severity. Love and connection is needed, even though the person seems more unlovable than ever. The sad ‘solution’ seeming to be the choice to present oneself as something other than how they truly are.

After that heart punch of a track we are back to holding hands with the familiar “Stay Away”. The serene telling of a story of difficulty is touching from the beginning. The instrumental sections are stirring and peel away layers of resistance.

“Why is it all coming back now?

I thought that bridge was burnt down”

Gradually Filip shares a growing sense of severity; struggling with this heart-haunting, which he thought he was done with, and which he’s tried to keep to himself, in order to save the other from wasting their time on him, despite the difficulty he feels. Ultimately the truth pours out.

I’m not crying, you are.


“Rupture” is yet another beauty of a track, with clear acoustic guitar uniting with heartfelt vocals. This track seems to be capturing the pull between existing in the experience of reality or being caught up in oneself with stress and emotion: The pull between hustle and push or just being. Not being sure where we fit in between the two ends of the spectrum, and not quite finding a sense of feeling comfortably at home. The impressive range from warmly whispered vocals through to angelic heights makes for a lot of room for the listener to be moved with the real emotion shining through here.

“And then it all slows down
I’m still up in the air as my feet touch the ground”

Next on Wildfire is “Running Wild” which takes a lighter and more lively sound and directs it toward unfairly judged youth. Dismissed as dreamers who need to grow up, Filip reflects on the ‘same night sky’ we all exist under, regardless of our age, and the harsh reality that those youth are living within. Seen to be ‘running wild’, they are living life to the fullest and leaning into dreams and escapism in order to make the best of their unique situations as they can.

Lastly on Wildfire is “King of Sadness”. It’s beautifully somber, expressing a lost love and that they have been existing in the comfortable familiarity of sadness since then. It’s easy to picture a person alone with their thoughts as you listen to these sparse chords and the whispered first chorus.

“Two years later

Two thousand tears lighter

I sit here I’m my lonely room

And I’m missing you”

I love in “King of Sadness” what I also loved in “Stay Away”; the gradual falling away of resistance into honesty, which moves from softness through to raw expression. There’s something very human about that, in the way that we are quick to say “Good, thanks” when a supermarket cashier asks us how we are feeling, even if our life is falling apart. And yet if someone persisted in giving attention and kind curiosity toward how we feel, we might begin to give the truth of the situation. These tracks open up beautifully.

The songs of Wildfire seem to be Filip’s moments of attention toward what is felt or noticed within him, gradually opening up into raw honesty that you can feel along with him, making it easy to connect with the songs as they organically unfold.

Wildfire offers a captivating listen, and an honest look at the ‘wildfire’ of emotion that can spark from mere moments of feeling, catching aflame into impressively grand sound.

Wildfire is now available for streaming via Spotify!



Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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