Holding Absence – Everything (Track Of The Day, 19th August)

Our Track Of The Day is from Welsh rock band Holding Absence. Their track “Everything”, as performed in a live setting (video below), is something beautiful.

“Everything” is about love, about love ‘changing everything’.. or so they say?

In “Everything”, love takes on mythological qualities, not unlike the promise of a beautiful unicorn that never seems to appear, so doesn’t seem to actually exist. With powerful heart-beat-esque percussion and Lucas Woodland’s vocals sounding like a soul calling out into the night, a decision is made to give up on love.

There’s only a tiny piece of hope remaining when it comes to the beauty of love making its appearance, as seen in the lyrical ‘maybe‘s, and fierce attempts to believe in things that seem broken perhaps not being permanently broken.

“Just like a deaf man cannot hear you,
And a blind man cannot see,
I’ve waited and waited for my whole life
But maybe love just doesn’t work on me.”

Holding Absence consistently hit a sweet spot in their music, pouring out powerful and touching messages with authenticity. They’re not trying desperately to inspire with their music nor plunge listeners into deep misery, just running with their messages with as much energy as they can and strongly stating something very real, albeit open-endedly and without any resolution: “Maybe love is not for the likes of me”.

“Everything” is beautiful and touching in its black and white video as well as the intimacy of the space. Check it out with the video below.

(UK friends of Depth Magazine may be lucky enough to be able to catch Holding Absence live. Dates and details HERE.)



Kel Burch

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