Citizen – In The Middle Of It All (Track Of The Day, 17th August)

The 4 minutes and 16 seconds of Citizen‘s new track “In The Middle Of It All” have been a sweet place to escape to. I’ve drifted away with this beautiful and mesmerising track, playing it on repeat since first hearing it, making it an obvious choice for Track Of The Day.

Captivated by the clear and harmonic repeated vocal as its introduction (“In the middle of it all”) and then warmed by its gentleness of guitar, “In The Middle Of It All” drew me in from the beginning.

It’s tender with reminiscing and storytelling vibes, tapping into sparks of unexpected connections in the thick of challenging times. The flowingness exists despite an undercurrent of chaoticness, perhaps relating to relationships and how we exist in each other’s lives. I want to get my hands on the lyrics.

“I wasn’t ready for this
Been strung out looking for a signal that was never there
I wasn’t ready for this
Suspicion reaching down to touch my fingertips again”

“In The Middle Of It All” is musically incredible, without being overdone. The anthemic sound of the choruses is brilliantly offset by the uniqueness of the introduction, the stuttered ending and the repeated vocal. Its experimental vibes combined with a constant steadiness make it feel like a snapshot of what it’s like to be human.

As You Please is Citizen’s album coming out on 6th October and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Edit 24th August: Citizen released a music video for the track which gives the repeated “in the middle of it all” lyric more of a vibe of monotony, seeing a woman go through the motions of her life in a structured way.

The only thing not planned or controlled is this thing in the woods. A ball of sweet things, that clearly kept calling to her, and even writing to her (?). Reaching out, despite her efforts to structure her life as she had mentally planned out, this metaphorical call to pleasure and ‘home’ kept on.

What do you make of it? Watch the video below. We also have the lyrics now, courtesy of Mat Kerekes on Twitter. I love this song more with every new ‘piece’ added.



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