Holding Absence – Dream Of Me (Track Of The Day, 5th September)

The music from Welsh band Holding Absence seems to always find its way in under my skin, to then prise open my heart in powerful ways. Their tracks are consistently powerfully genuine and rich in emotion. They have our Track Of The Day today with “Dream Of Me”, which comes from the two-track EP containing “Dream Of Me” and “Permanent“.

In “Dream Of Me”, high energy stadium filling sound marries lyrics that feel like an open diary, combining to amplify the emotion being expressed: Two were once in love. But the spark and the joy died, leaving the protagonist in sorrow and facing the inner turmoil of self-blame; questioning if he did enough.

This relationship was something special at the time to him (‘me and you were joy), so the end of this connection is aptly still playing on his mind. He is seeking something to help him let go of the circular thoughts and pangs of heartache he has from the experience. He still feels bound to her, and wants to be remembered as something special to her too.

“When all is said and done
We ache in unison
Your absence – bittersweet
It lingers, always”

“Dream Of Me” is heavy hearted and drops into introspective darkness as reflected by heavy drum beats. The chorus and its shift from a solid anthemic sound into an expansive bellow crawls into your ear and stays there long after the song is over. In the process of the song, we too become haunted by dying love and feel the full and searing forces of the impact of that moment (‘She said “I loved you yesterday, but I can’t love you tomorrow”), as it echoes on the track.

The tender bridge is tear-inspiring in amongst the rawness of heart; this person wishing painfully that they were something more for her.

The music video uses static and fading effects to express this same fear of non-existence in the other person’s memory and heart. It also reflects the high intensity that the band pour into their music. At the end of the video all members of Holding Absence are shown completely spent of energy and they fade to white.

Here is “Dream Of Me”:


Kel Burch

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