Braggarts – Speed of Sound (New Music)

Swiss electro-rockers Braggart have released a new single. “Speed of Sound” is the next taster for the trio’s upcoming new album Exploring New Stars. It follows “Different Light” which gained coverage on over 75 Euro and UK radio stations.

“Speed of Sound” is a pop-rock track with comfortable melody, exploring life through the eyes of a man seeming to have lost himself in a breakup.

Via the video, Braggarts’ singer takes on this role, coming face to face with himself and not finding connection or relevance with that version of himself. He seems haunted by it, and the song further expresses this experience of having what felt solid to him being taken away ‘at the speed of sound’.

His attempts to escape eventually lead to a resolution and the final chorus feels like an anthemic confirmation of letting go of what was done to him.

Check out “Speed Of Sound” with the music video below, and stay up to date with Braggarts via Facebook HERE.



Kel Burch

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