Hightower – Numero Uno (Track Of The Day, 11th December)

Punk rock band Hightower have our Track Of The Day today. The Paris/Nevers/Budapest based five piece are Attila (vocals), Alexis (bass), Benjamin (guitar), Jérémie (guitar) and Romain (drums). The band released their Club Dragon album in September via Krod Records, and “Numero Uno” is (appropriately) the first track of the album.

“Numero Uno” has a deceptively gentle guitar intro. Before long the track busts out its full punk forces, dragging us happily along with the hectic pace. “Numero Uno” continues to mix it up by way of pace as well as vibe, making for an intense and intriguing ride.

Manic drumming is at home at the first verse, expressing a high speed sense of confusion. When confusion morphs into frustration at the cue of “There must be something wrong”, we’re then feeling slower and dragged down, as though we’re pushing against the tide; mirrored by the expression of trying to get through to someone.

“Simple stories to ease their fucked up lives
What if the odds are turning against them all
Tell me you already know”

From there, “Numero Uno” builds gradually, before calling out in strength, echoing the lyrics: “So this time / I’m calling out for something I can’t find / And this time / I’m crying out loud, screaming for changes to come”.

Before the track ends, we’re treated to another dive into ‘Hectic Town’ again, where giving up seems to be the flavour of what’s being expressed. A distorted bridge breaks through questioning into realisation and understanding. The entire track is one heck of a ride!

Our European friends can catch Hightower on tour with Daggermouth in April 2018. Check out “Numero Uno” with its music video below or stream via Spotify.

Keep up with Hightower on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HIGHTOWERMUSIC/


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