Hands Like Houses – Ana’s Song (Open Fire) (Track Of The Day, 12th November)

If you missed the news, Melbourne heavy music label UNFD will be releasing a tribute album to Australian alternative/rock band Silverchair on November 17th. Bands under the UNFD umbrella will celebrate Silverchair’s music in Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair.

Our Track Of The Day is the second single from the upcoming release: Hands Like Houses‘ take on “Ana’s Song (Open Fire)”. The (original) track reflects Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns’ struggle with anorexia. So needless to say, the emotion that he brought to the song and its subject was very personal and raw, making it the incredible hit that it was.

“Please die Ana
For as long as you’re here, we’re not”

Hands Like Houses bring a clear voice in this war against the demon named Ana. While compassionate and emotional, their rendition is unwavering in strength. It’s brighter, cleaner, and has a funkiness to it that’s most apparent in the second verse. It still has those massive choruses as it plays out the love-hate relationship with ‘Ana’.

Neither of the two Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair singles so far have strayed too far from the original, yet still take on the signature feel of their respective bands.

Have a listen below and see what you think of Hands Like Houses’ take.

Pre-orders for the album are here: https://unfd.lnk.to/silverchair


Kel Burch

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