Eat Your Heart Out – Conscience (New Music)

Newcastle alternative rock band Eat Your Heart Out have just released a new track. “Conscience” follows the band’s Carried Away EP, that released on 7th April via Fearless Records.

In “Conscience”, the five piece of Caitlin, Andrew, Will, Dom and Jake join forces with Patrick Miranda, vocalist of Movements. The introspection and vocal honesty of “Conscience” as well as the searching sound of the verses had the track feel like it could easily be a Movements track in its own right, having the pairing vibe beautifully.

With “Conscience”, Eat Your Heart Out are expressing the uncomfortable feeling of being responsible for ruining a relationship. The feeling is so heavy that they’re left pre-occupied by it, as much as they might try to escape the discomfort.

“If I can thaw the ice that fills my chest and mend my broken bones
I’ll learn lessons from all of my mistakes and reap what I have sown”

As the song continues, the sense of self-blame/responsibility hits more heavily, and a plea is expressed passionately to be given time for them to sort themselves out. They see themselves going over the rubble of the relationship in order to gain something from what has happened. They never want to go through this again, with the damage they caused now in their full awareness.

Soak up “Conscience” with its music video, courtesy of Crystal Arrow Films, or stream via Spotify.


Kel Burch

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