DREGG – Hectic (New Music)

You know who DREGG are, right? If not, HERE‘s our crash course in what they’re about. The kings of non-conformance and loud individuality have shared some good news this week. They’ve found a home for themselves at Epitaph Records amongst a plethora of well-known bands, and have brought new song and video “Hectic” to our earholes to celebrate.

Comprising of Christopher Mackertich (vocals), Jordan McQuitty (guitar), Sam Yates (guitar), Aiden Zovic (bass), and Horhay Delalopez (drums), the collective of DREGG don’t hold back in “Hectic”.  Suspecting that one day they might regret this musical blast of the music industry, they say that “sometimes things get hectic”.  The contained and electronic intro is the understated start to their story, before bass funk leaks out. We’re then eased into full-blown DREGG swagger courtesy of broad riffs and palpable frenetic energy.

Flexing their creative freedom via Mackertich’s signature rap-style vocals, “Hectic” acknowledges the distance people have kept from the band, specifically in the music industry. The story is told (entertainingly so) how the band were hit up by Epitaph Records in part due to their brash honesty, and chugs along like an unstoppable vehicle (maybe like a Nissan Micra).

Stretching it as far as they can take it, “Hectic”‘s theatrical approach melded with defensive ‘Look mum, we made it’ pride is endearing and easily consumable with its soaring riffs and bouncing beats. Sprinkled with pop-culture references, including our not-so-beloved Australian prime minister going in for unwanted handshakes, this new slice of DREGG is infectiously enjoyable.

Landing in a far heavier place at its end than where it began, “Hectic” proves to be a socially-relevant carnival ride. It’s a tale of succeeding by being who you are, matching the band’s own story to date, and is colourfully reflected in its music video (directed by DREGG, with cinematography and editing by Nick Hargans), which presents the music industry as The Big Bad Wolf. [Also, spot our photo guy Liam Davidson in the vid!]

It’s all as weird and wonderful as the band have ever been, despite the new chapter unfolding for them. Time will tell what else is up their sleeve! Listen to “Hectic” now HERE or watch via YouTube below.

[DREGG photo courtesy of Daniel Anderson]
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