Grave Places – Lighthouse (New Music)

We last heard from Brisbane metalcore band Grave Places when we premiered their debut single “XXXX Bummer”. “Lighthouse” was also recorded by producer Troy Brady (formerly of The Amity Affliction).

The band are Chris McCulloch, Jesson Bout, Dylan Gibbs, Josh Forsdike, Matt Duncalfe, and Bryn Arnfield. Together as Grave Places their sound is a solid blend of the strength of metal, and emotive clean vocals and lighter melodic moments.

“Make life worth living”

“Lighthouse” feels optimistic from its gentle beginnings onward. In darker/heavier moments the vibe is tense and challenging, with the expansive clean choruses being a breath of fresh air. The track is an inspiring reminder to make the most of the lives we have, to aim toward our dreams to leave a legacy behind us.

Check out “Lighthouse” below. You can also find it on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.



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