Call It Home – Deserter (New Music)

New York post-hardcore band Call It Home have just released a new track and lyric video “Deserter”. “Deserter” comes from the bands’ upcoming debut album Better Days which will release on 10th April. Call It Home are Chris Christofi (vocals), Jay Schwartz (guitar), Marty Marion (guitar), and Dom Delfino (bass & vocals).

Eighth on the album, “Deserter” follows “Lanterns” which was the lead single from Better Days. It’s also one of three tracks that includes a vocal feature: “Deserter” with Jayden Panesso (Sylar), “Lost Cause” with Michael Swank (Myka Relocate), and “Driftwood” with Landon Tewers (The Plot In You).

“You were too selfish to see this through”

“Deserter” holds nothing back and takes direct aim at one who turned their back and walked away, leaving a trail of destruction. With driving riffs, aggressive lyrics, and massive choruses, the track is a relentless dose of hatred seeming to fuel ambition, with success as revenge. Breakdowns coupled with Jayden’s vocal feature adds more weighty severity to the flickering flames of disgust.

Check out “Deserter” via the lyric video below, and pre-order Better Days via iTunes HERE.


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