Free Throw – The Corner’s Dilemma (New Music)

There are some things in life that even though you knew you wanted them, you could never really understand how much you wanted them until you got them. Fitting firmly underneath that umbrella was new music by Nashville sweethearts Free Throw.

Alongside revealing their third studio album What’s Past is Prologue the five-piece also released their first taste of new music since their 2017 album Bear Your Mind. The new single, “The Corner’s Dilemma”, is almost three and a half minutes of emo goodness, combining the band’s signature punk flavour, a pinch of polish and a hell of a lot of fun.

Free Throw are Cory Castro (vocals/guitar), Jake Hughes (guitar), Lawrence Warner (guitar), Justin Castro (bass) and Kevin Garcia (drums).

The song is just exactly what Free Throw does best, yet it seems so fresh. Despite sticking to the formula that has worked brilliantly for the band in recent years, it just feels like I’m hearing the band for the first ever time. Without discrediting their pre-existing discography, this just feels like an enormous step up.

“Damn this is bleak
I know I’m not this weak
I thought people got wiser when older?”

All the typical Free Throw traits are there; Castro’s vocals are gritty through verses but it becomes almost angelic through choruses. The transition feels flawless and immediate, like at one moment you’re floating on a cloud and the next you’ve fallen through and slammed onto the ground. Despite feeling like you’re on a turbulent aeroplane, the extremities in Castro’s vocal diversity make the song truly contagious.

The instrumental work is also equally infectious. Little nuggets of math rock flow through the track, feeling positively reminiscent of the band’s incredible label mates in Tiny Moving Parts. The work on bass builds a brilliant platform for the rest of the song to shine, while at times energetic and robust drum fills even take centre stage.

Coupled with an amusing music video, the song’s lyrical themes and visuals work together nicely. Depicting a variety of scenes where Castro seems visibly crowded and uncomfortable, the song discusses the very same scenarios combined with a discouraging sense of self-deprecation. Despite the sombre context, the song remains upbeat and lively only reinforcing the idea the sad songs really don’t need to sound sad.

Imagine eating fluffy pancakes with a tablespoon of dirt heaped on like it’s Milo, that’s what this song is like. Just fluffy and warm enough to draw you in but gritty enough to keep you on edge. If you like rollercoasters, I’m willing to bet you’ll like Free Throw too.

“The Corner’s Dilemma” is the first single from Free Throw’s third album What’s Past is Prologue, to be released on March 29 through Triple Crown Records.


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