Foxblood – Kill the Lights (New Music)

Kicking off from where we last heard from them with “Carry Me”, Foxblood are back with new music. The Melbourne band have shared the good news that their sophomore album Grief & Mercy is on the way, of which “Kill the Lights” is our first taste. Grief & Mercy Sleep will release on 5th August.

When I saw the band in early 2018 at the “Never Rome” single launch, they seemed to be going through a bit of a transition, and were trying to find their feet. With the creation of an album behind the scenes, it seems they’ve been making some powerful inroads as a band. “Kill the Lights” includes guest vocals from Chris Millward; the band’s original vocalist who has continued to pen Foxblood’s lyrics.

For a song with high energy that unfolds at a relatively quick pace, “Kill the Lights” is surprisingly dark when you take a closer look. The layered first chorus vibes like a wrestling match via rapidfire syllables, where a downward slide is the inevitable outcome of this fight. “A rising waterline headspace” is such a great phrase, and it’s easy to immerse in the cyclic grip of sanity that’s being painted here; where it’s a fight to stay in a metaphorically light state.

“I can tell you a few things about half empty”

“Kill the Lights”‘s chorus is a standout for me, and Foxblood’s vocalist/bassist Anthony Syle seems to take this tense situation and lift it sky high in questioning. It’s such a beautiful contrast to the verses, and takes the perspective out of the mess and wonders what else is possible, for a brief shining moment.

Foxblood are clearly benefited by all the different voices they have contributing to this track, which includes vocalist/guitarist Tom Beale, and the vocal feature from Chris. It’s gritty and tense as the internal battle carries on. There’s a sense of desperation with the track that only grows as “Kill the Lights” goes on, and sonically amps up as the song comes to its end courtesy of some synthy tones, gradual build up of instruments and voice.

Watch Foxblood in action in “Kill The Lights” below via Dreambound on YouTube. You can also hear the track in the flesh when Foxblood hit Australia’s East Coast in July. Dates below and more information via Foxblood’s Facebook page.


Friday 5th July – Crowbar Brisbane

Saturday 6th July – Chippo Hotel Sydney

Saturday 19th July – The Grace Darling Melbourne


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