Resolve – Of Silk And Straw (New Music)

Having watched Resolve from early in their band life, through twists and turns and creative choices, it’s an absolute treat to take in a new single from the Lyon based band. Though the former quartet is now a trio (after the departure of guitarist Aurélien Mariat), new single “Of Silk and Straw” shows that this change hasn’t dampened their sonic strength. That’s an understatement.

From its hefty roaring introduction with a light melody dancing behind, “Of Silk and Straw” reveals itself most earnestly with a mammoth and unwavering riff, drawing the listener into their world and their story. From merely 30 seconds in, there’s a “YES”-ness of appreciation to the force of emotion behind “Of Silk and Straw”, which effortlessly blends light melodies with distorted roars and stuttering (yet strong) beats.

“So keep your fucking disdain” roars vocalist Anthony Diliberto as we sink into what feels like a second verse, and he spits lyrical lines at money-focused folk. A satisfying chorus is soon revealed, inspiring goosebumps in me as it lays out clearly that despite the worlds we’re raised in (silken or straw), we are all eventually destined to die. The lyric “I’ve never seen a hearse followed by a safe” sums up this futility of being driven by greed.

Djenty punches offer a hectic breath-collecting interlude moment while keeping the energy high, before Resolve plough into another verse. By now, in the immersion of this song, it’s fucking palpable to hear Resolve’s perception of how the so-called mighty will inevitably fall. Through my listen I’m mostly just gobsmacked by how great the guitars on this track are, yet how smooth it all flows as a listen, including the warmth of bass. While smooth to the ear, I’m admiring how unpredictable the course of this song is. For one example, how it lands in a pool of electro tinged static thoughtfulness before blowing out satisfyingly into the last roaring chorus.

I’m a little lost for words as to how satisfying it is to see Resolve in full blown fire mode. “Of Silk and Straw” returns to themes shared in their Rêverie EP about the pressure to succeed, yet still feels new and full, and an exciting new step forward for the band. And I haven’t even talked about the music video. As a band that sits on my mental ‘Bands I NEED To See Live’ list, it’s a treat to see Resolve pour out their intensity and heart into the visual playing of this song.

“Of Silk and Straw” it’s an in-house effort. The song is produced by Resolve, mixed and mastered by Robin Mariat, written by Anthony Diliberto and Robin Mariat, with the video created by Aurélien Mariat. This one will be on heavy rotation, no question.



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