Void Of Vision – Psychosocial (New Music)

Metal Hammer’s Slipknot feature issue last month made for an exclusive tribute CD to be created as part of the feature. Nine international heavy bands put their own unique touches on Slipknot’s songs. The CD includes covers by bands such as Employed To Serve, Conjurer, Blood Youth, Hacktivist, and also features Australian heavies Cursed Earth and Void Of Vision.

Void Of Vision opted to cover “Psychosocial” from Slipknot’s 2008 album All Hope Is Gone, and they’ve done so with a hand from fellow Australian heavy musicians, making for a relatively star-studded collaboration. The “Psychosocial” remake has Polaris‘ Ryan Siew contribute his stellar guitar prowess, and adds the voices of Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer and Marcus Bridge of Northlane to the mix.

“The limits of the dead”

Following the same dynamic of the original, a hefty introduction stomps its way forward to a raw and searing verse, as the song rails against the confines of a broken reality. Void Of Vision’s vocalist Jack Bergin’s voice is distinctly present up until the chorus, which is sung by Bridge. Harmanis virtually grabs the mic with the second verse, and tandem vocals playing out as the track progresses. This makes for the song to feel like a true collaboration and united effort more than someone dropping in for a feature.

Talking about the process of putting the cover together, “Psychosocial” was chosen due to being a personal favourite song for Bergin. He described it as “A whole new level of satisfying” to get to make music with friends’ bands, and was keen to have a good time with the cover. Bergin shared “The whole idea for the collaboration stemmed from us wanting to build on what was shaping up to be a normal run of the mill cover, and to catch some attention and have as much fun with it as we could. We also wanted to show the UK/Europe how a group of Australian musicians could tackle such an undoubtedly influential song to each and every one of us.”

Void Of Vision and friends have nailed the cover, and it comes off as a modern take of a classic tune, showcasing the skill and talent of the musicians involved. Check it out now via YouTube below or your favourite streaming places here: https://unfd.lnk.to/psychosocial/


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