Dream State – Are You Ready To Live? (New Video)

Injecting much needed positivity into the world, Dream State have released a music video for “Are You Ready To Live?”.  The song comes from the Welsh band’s debut album Primrose Path (released last year), and compassionately asks listeners for a commitment to firmly take the reins of their lives.

Even more special is the fact that the music video takes fan footage and combines it with video captured at Dream State shows or behind the scenes.  Coming together through the song and its video are Dream State fans sharing their take on the song, which includes lip syncing, instrumental covers, dancing, smiling, writing, and being the multi-faceted beings we all are.

“We’ve gotta try”

While the idea of fan participation in a music video isn’t a new one, the result here inspired goosebumps for me, with the Zak Pinchin edits streaming all of these heartfelt and real images like a download of humanity.  The urging of “We’ve gotta try” along with this imagery was icing on top.

Through their music and social media accounts, Dream State have consistently shared a sentiment of “We’re in this together”, and the music video is further walking of this talk, and also a reminder that they mean what they say in songs such as “Hand In Hand”. This band are the real deal and sharing a message they completely believe in.

With a statement at the end of the video, Dream State remind each of us of the power we have, as well as that we have purpose and are wanted. To date the four piece have shown how honesty in imperfections is unifying, and they continue to foster a caring community with self-love at its core. It’s easy to feel this while taking the video in.

Beautifully heart-warming in a time when disconnection is rife (in so many ways) makes for a welcome watch. Check out “Are You Ready To Live?”‘s music video via YouTube:


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