Affidavit – Lost On The Endless Sea (New Music)

“Lost On The Endless Sea” is the newest single from Paris alt-rock band Affidavit. And according to the band’s Instagram, it is the final piece in their supernatural story that’s shared via their music videos. The ongoing series has made it clear that quirky humour and a pinch of theatricality is as much a part of Affidavit as is making engaging alt-rock bangers.

In July 2018 we wrote about “The Truth”, which saw vocalist Dory-Loup Venta and his skateboard abducted by aliens. Though Dory-Loup was rescued by his bandmates (Ariel Benitah (guitar), Ilan Benitah (bass), and Loïc Fouquet (drums)) and whisked away in their Volkswagen Kombi van, the abduction left a powerful mark upon him. The music videos for each single that followed (“Skyless” and “Dead End”), showed that the abduction left Dory-Loup with supernatural powers, and these were demonstrated in the music videos, within a convenience store and a church respectively.

Though the videos pull focus, the songs are still worth attention in their own right. “Lost On The Endless Sea” forms a bereft and melancholy atmosphere at first, before launching into a sound with a stronger force behind it.  The vocal rhythms feeling loose and drifting from one line to the next is visually mirrored by the blurring and stretching of Dory-Loup’s body in the music video.

I feel far away, I said it’s only temporary

By way of story, the majority of the music video seems to show the protagonist existing in a space of non-reality, with static, pixelation, and blurring painting this idea. Though a boundary-less existence is shown in a fantastical way, the sentiment of feeling “far away” is something based in reality also, such as when it comes to relationships becoming distant – whether this is temporary or permanent.

A growing ‘Here we go!’ vibe reflects both the peak of the situation of abduction, as well as the lyrical sentiments about the relationship. Drifting off musically and peering up at the stars as the song comes to a dreamy end, a ‘What might happen?’ feeling is central. With Dory-Loup finally falling back to earth, the ‘What’s next?’ question is one for Affidavit to answer at some future point.

Watch/listen “Lost On The Endless Sea” via YouTube below:


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