Dream On Dreamer – Runaway (New Music)

Melbourne band Dream On Dreamer have followed on from “Let It In”, releasing a continuation of sorts in new track “Runaway”. “Runaway” is the fourth single from upcoming album It Comes and Goes, and comes with a stunning video directed by Jason Eshraghian. The cinematic music video is an intriguing further chapter of what we saw in “Let It In”.

I personally have a ton of questions that I’d like to ask Dream On Dreamer about these videos, but this is my personal take on what has been beautifully created. Where “Let It In” saw the characters fight for survival and overcome being beaten down in various metaphorical ways, “Runaway” shows the strength in uniting and joining forces, regardless of what chaos is going on around you.

We saw rockets pouring down upon a city in “Let It In”, which fizzled out to nothing at the resolution of the video when our characters showed their strength to not be beaten into defeat. However in “Runaway”, the rockets do strike down and the city turns to flame. With two having fought their own personal battles, they are hand-in-hand and seeing everything fall apart.

“Let the world be against you and me”

Given that it includes the album title in its lyrics, “Runaway” seems like a pivotal track for Dream On Dreamer in terms of the meaning behind it. Being either defeated and (literally) bloody, or standing united against a war, the track touches on highs and lows of existence, and returning to oneself and who we are.

Inspirational akin to what we’ve heard in vocalist Zach Britt’s other project Young Lions, “Runaway” is an encouragement to keep going, in its driven verses and wide open choruses, with an ongoing sense of static and concern lingering in electronic samples and pulses.

Check out “Runaway” below. We’ve also added the track to our Spotify playlist.


Catch Dream On Dreamer on tour:

Thursday May 31 at Factory Floor, Sydney, NSW
Friday June 1 at Tattersalls Hotel, Penrith, NSW
Friday 8th June – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 10th June – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, VIC
Friday 15th June – Fowler’s Live, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 16th June – Amplifier Bar, Perth, WA
Friday 22nd June – Elliots Bar, Ringwood, VIC
Saturday 23rd June – Pelican Bar, Frankston, VIC
Saturday 30th June – The Brightside, Brisbane, QLD


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