Dream On Dreamer – Let It In (New Music)

Melbourne five piece Dream On Dreamer have gifted us a new single, as well as announcing their upcoming fourth album It Comes and Goes. New single “Let It In” is guitarist and vocalist Zach Britt’s exploration of his personal struggle in a toxic relationship.

In Zach’s words: “The whole affair made me really doubt myself in a way that I’d never experienced before on that level. The song’s lyrics explain that I’ve travelled a long way towards my dreams and aspirations and I also have a responsibility to a lot of people that fell by the wayside with her around.”

“Let It In” is otherworldy from its introduction alone; seeming to lose grip on what is real and what isn’t, and has us suspended in time momentarily. In the ache of the punches of life, we’re surrendering to the pain, while massiveness of sound washes over us.

In the fluid and polished sound of “Let It In” we lose sense of self, and start to feel a burning sense of there being something else and something more; some other option aside from the hurt.

“Distorting time and space
Try to absorb this pain
But it won’t touch me
It just fills with light”

With powerful dual-vocals and soaring sound, Dream On Dreamer pour out a flood of passion, inspiring us all to break out of struggle and move into something else. In this urging and driving song, the sense of determination to make something more is palpable, in this fight against apathy and ache.

With an incredible shift at the bridge, we take full lung breaths of life and feel peacefulness at finding something new. If the gorgeous track is a fitting snapshot of It Comes And Goes album, this is going to be something special.

Directed by Jason Eshraghian, “Let It In”‘s stunning music video was inspired by Ram Das’ book Be Here Now, which was given to Zach by a close friend during the time of his relationship struggle.

Soak up “Let It In” via the music video below, or stream via Spotify HERE. We’ve also added the track to our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


To celebrate the new track, Dream On Dreamer have announced their ‘Let It In Tour’, having already kicked it off in Brisbane on 17th March, continuing through to 21st April in Darwin.


Saturday March 17 – Crowbar, Brisbane
Thursday March 29 – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
Friday March 30 – Hype Nightclub, Adelaide
Saturday April 7 – Frankston Mechanics Hall – Melbourne
Saturday April 21 – Railway Club, Darwin

Tickets are on sale now via dreamondreamerband.com


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